Our horses are the heart of our program – without them we would not be able to support our participants! Their care and feeding can be costly so one of the best ways to help Upward Transitions is by supporting our special herd.

Learn more about each of our horses and click to donate toward their care!



Archie is a friendly and lovable Percheron and Quarter Horse mix who loves to meet new people. He has a special gift for connecting with his Veteran participants and knows just how to help them. His joyful personality is contagious!



Autumn is a sweet Quarter Horse mare ready to share her calm and sensitive personality. Her intuitive nature gives her the ability to know just what her participants need most, whether during riding or ground work.


Paulie is a special rescue horse that has a lot of wisdom, love, and experience to share. Though he is one of the oldest members of our herd, don’t let that fool you! He loves to play games and knows how to bring fun into every interaction.

Hear the impact Autumn has made on one of her riders and his family:

Other Ways to Help


Whether you’re interested in volunteering for a riding semester or are looking to help at a work day on the ranch, we have plenty of ways for you to lend a helping hand!

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